What is Memory Care?

Learn More About Assisted Living Memory Care Support & How It Works

Memory care offers specialized training, programs, and care for those with memory loss diagnoses.

What is Memory Care? Part I: An Overview

Exercise programs, like those offered in a memory care, can decrease cognitive decline in older women. And, for many families memory care has allowed them to be at peace knowing a loved one is safe and well taken care.

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“Once we introduce our care partners to the person with dementia, they start to see their loved ones as family again.”

Memory Care Coordinator | Highgate at Temecula

Signs it’s Time to Consider Memory Care

When to Look & What to Look For

When Should You Consider Memory Care for a Parent?

Physical changes in a parent’s health can be much more obvious than mental. Learn more about the progression of memory loss, the affect memory loss has on caregivers, and when the best time to consider memory care support is. 

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Does Your Loved One Need Memory Care?

Not all memory care communities are created equally. 

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9 Signs a Memory Care Community Offers Person-Centered Care

Learn what a positive approach to care is and why it matters.

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Family Matters

Having "The Talk" with Parents or Siblings About Memory Care

"Your loved one may not remember things you’ve said, but they’re likely to remember how you made them feel."

9 Tips for Talking About Memory Care with Someone with Memory Loss

Your loved one may not remember things you’ve said, but they’re likely to remember how you made them feel. Here are nine expert tips based on Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care to help a person living with dementia understand the need to move to memory care. 

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How We Talked to Our Mom About Moving to Memory Care at Highgate

"My siblings and I knew it was time for Mom to move to memory care, but what we didn’t know was how to talk to her about it."

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Searching for Memory Care

Learn More About the Process & What to Ask When Exploring Memory Care

Infographic: 12 Must-haves in Memory Care Communities

Wondering what design principles memory care communities use to help residents thrive? High-quality memory care communities have very specific physical features, layouts, and other considerations. Learn what the best memory care communities should have to offer. 

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Slideshow: 7 Traits of a Positive Approach to Care Memory Care Community

Learn what you'll find with a holistic approach to memory care. 

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Questions to Ask When Visiting a Memory Care Facility

Make comparing memory care communities easy by being prepared with the right questions.

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Guide to Memory Care & Dementia Communities

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can be challenging for everyone involved, causing you to feel a range of emotions and to ask yourself questions about what is going to happen to your loved one’s health and what happens when it becomes too overwhelming to take care of them at home.

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Making the Move to Memory Care

Tools & Tips for Making the Move to Memory Care

"There’s a reason they call dementia a family disease — the life-changing stress experienced by relatives who care for loved ones with dementia."

Moving Mom

Based on true stories from Highgate, learn about a daughter’s experience of dementia caregiving with her siblings and her mother’s move to senior living.

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Highgate's Approach to Memory Care

Learn More About Our Signature Memory Care Program

An Inside Look at What It Feels Like at the Cottage at Highgate

Here’s an inside look at what it feels like to walk into the Cottage memory care community at Highgate Senior Living and how it’s been specifically designed for residents with memory loss.

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4 Reasons We Love Memory Care at Highgate Senior Living

Read stories from four family caregivers.

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How Highgate Helps Memory Care Residents Have a Positive Experience

Every team member’s mission is to help every resident live a life of purpose.

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“After they’ve been in Highgate, many family members find that their loved one is not only much more engaged, but they’re actually thriving.”

Community Relations Coordinator | Highgate at Temecula

Life at the Cottage: A Guide to Highgate’s Unique Approach to Memory Care

Not all memory care communities are created equal. But there are a lot of reasons why Highgate Senior Living is different than what you expect.

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