There’s a reason they call dementia a family disease — the life-changing stress experienced by relatives who care for loved ones with dementia. In Moving Mom, you’ll read one adult daughter’s experience of dementia caregiving with her siblings and her mother’s move to senior living, based on true stories from Highgate residents and their families.

Losing a Matriarch

The mom my siblings and I remember best was the matriarch not only of our family but also of the community. She was in charge of every bake sale and raised funds for all the local nonprofits. She was the glue of the family, the keeper of the family traditions, the host of every holiday. She never forgot a birthday card and always went out of her way to ask how your life is.

So, when my mom called me terrified at 3 in the morning for the fifth time I knew something had to change. 

Caregiving with Siblings

The problem is my siblings. I’ve got an out-of-town brother who only sees Mom once or twice a year — and I know he hears a different version of every story from my mom than he gets from me. I see the dirty house and empty fridge and social withdrawal. He, on the other hand, sees a smiling face on Zoom and hears the same voice over the phone that he has for years. 

It was time for a family meeting. We needed to get on the same page about moving Mom to a senior living community and figure out the best way to care for Mom together.


Talking to Mom About Senior Living

We knew it was important for Mom to participate in the discussion. I found an article online about tips for talking about moving to memory care with someone with memory loss, and it was super helpful. 

I sat down at the kitchen table where Mom had served our family all those amazing home-cooked dinners over the years. It was there that I began the admission paperwork and intake forms necessary for her to start the next stage of her life. I knew in my heart that if she was aware of what was happening, she would approve.

Moving Mom eBook

Based on a True Story

In this eBook, you’ll get a first-person perspective on finding a place for Mom. It dives deep into: 

  • Loneliness, fear of falling, and quality of life in older women who live alone
  • Navigating dementia caregiving with siblings
  • Calling a family meeting
  • Talking about moving to memory care with someone with memory loss
  • Making the move to a community

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