“I’m worried my mom will feel abandoned.” 

“What if my dad is just going to be sitting in his room in front of the TV all day?”

“My mom has dementia and my dad doesn’t, and I don’t want to split them up.”

If you’re like most people, these are probably only a few of the reasons why you’re hesitant to consider memory care for a loved one — and they’re valid reasons. Not all memory care communities are created equal. But there are a lot of reasons why memory care at Highgate Senior Living is different than what you expect. 

A Meaningful and Fulfilling Life

Highgate provides safe, compassionate, round-the-clock care in The Cottage, a community designed specifically for residents with memory loss. It’s a cozy, secure environment with highly trained care partners whose mission is to understand the needs, desires, and routines of each resident in order to personalize their care.

“People who have seen other memory care communities are concerned that their loved one won’t be well-attended to and well-cared for. They’re worried about the basics: Are they eating? Are they clean? Are they well-fed? Are they safe? Are they well-stimulated?” says Alma Macy, Community Relations Coordinator at Highgate at Temecula. “After they’ve been in Highgate, many family members find that their loved one is not only much more engaged, but they’re actually thriving.”

A Peace of Mind

Once that caregiving role is shifted to Highgate, you are able to simply enjoy the relationship with your loved one again. 

“We’ve seen family caregivers experience peace of mind once their loved one starts receiving memory care at Highgate at Temecula,” says LaTresh Walker, Healthcare Director of Highgate at Temecula. “They are able to be the child or spouse again and rest easy knowing that their loved one is getting the best care possible.”

A Guide to Highgate's Unique Approach to Memory Care

In this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • What it feels like to walk into The Cottage memory care community and how it’s been specifically designed for residents with memory loss
  • Highgate’s positive approach to memory care and the training care partners receive
  • How memory care can help your loved one live a meaningful and fulfilling life
  • How shifting the caregiving responsibilities to Highgate allows you to simply enjoy the relationship with your loved one again
Highgate's Approach to Memory Care

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