Balanced nutrition is important, no matter your age. Nutrition can affect energy level, your ability to ward off illness, inflammation, heart health, and so much more! Here's a collection of dining and nutrition resources for aging adults and family caregivers.

"Our senses change as we age, and that can spell trouble for seniors’ diets.”

How Important is Senior Nutrition?

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important for everyone, especially for seniors. Learn about problems that may interfere proper nutrition for seniors. 

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How to Improve Nutrition as You Age

What foods you should be avoiding, the benefits of superfoods, and how to get help paying for healthy food

Infographic: 10 Nutrition Tips for Older Adults

Healthy eating is about more than just food. Giving yourself the right nutrients feeds your body and your mind, especially as you age. Learn how you and your loved ones can stay healthy and fit with these practical nutrition tips. 

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Slideshow: 6 Tips to Eat Healthier as You Get Older

Making healthy food choices is a smart thing to do at any age. 

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Infographic: 10 Top Superfoods

Learn about certain nutrients that become especially important for good health as you get older.

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“Refined white starches contain a lot of sugar, which just gives you a high, but then you crash and need more of it. Fiber, on the other hand, gives you energy that lasts throughout the day.”

-Khalid Iraqui, Director of Dining Services for Highgate Senior Living

Meal Planning Worksheet for Older Adults

Want to make meal planning easier? Download this worksheet to save money and time and choose options that keep seniors healthy and strong.

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Common Nutrition Concerns

A collection of resources outlining the effects of poor nutrition in aging adults and how you can help

"Our relationship with food is so much more than just a need for calories."

How Food Affects Mood

Making healthy food choices isn’t just a long-term investment in better health; it’s a way to feel good tomorrow and the next day. 

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Resources for Family Caregivers

Resources for adult children who care for an elderly parent at home

Nutrition Checklist for Older Adults

As your loved one ages, it can become difficult to maintain a balanced diet. This toolbox offers checklists, worksheets, and recipes to help you plan meals, cope with common changes in appetite, and make mealtime enjoyable again.

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6 Caregiver Hacks for Improving Your Loved One's Diet

Try these simple tips and tricks for boosting senior nutrition.

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Why Your Mom's Appetite Might Have Changed

Many factors occur that can change a senior’s appetite.

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Dementia & Memory Loss: Dining & Nutrition Resources for Family Caregivers

A collection of resources for family caregivers who provide care for a loved one with dementia or memory loss

How Dementia Affects the 5 Senses — and What You Can Do to Help

Learn common sensory changes experienced with dementia and how to cope with these changes.

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Dining and Dementia

8 common changes in eating that accompany memory loss

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Healthy Foods Boost Memory

Tips on healthy foods to help boost the memory of seniors with dementia. 

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"Does nothing taste “right” to your dad? Does your mom forget about eating dinner an hour after mealtime?"

Home Dining Checklist for Memory Loss

Download this checklist to learn ways to overcome some of the most common dining challenges related to mealtimes and caring for a loved one with memory loss. Make mealtime a positive and enjoyable experience again. 

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Highgate's Nutritious, Delicious Program

A collection of resources explaining the dining and nutrition program at Highgate Senior Living

From the Highgate Kitchen: 7 Fruit & Veggie Recipes for Caregivers

Maintaining good nutrition habits is tough for anyone, but it can be particularly difficult for a caregiver and their aging loved one. Wondering how you can increase your loved one’s fruit and veggie intake? Here are seven fruit and veggie recipes from the Highgate kitchen.

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What's the Food Like in Assisted Living?

If you’re craving a nutritious and delicious meal, try these exclusive recipes developed by Highgate's Five-Star Chef. 

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Health Bar Recipe Book

These recipes are easy, delicious, and promote heart health, a strong immune system, brain function and more! 

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Video: Food an Essential Ingredient for Quality of Life

Why potato flakes, powdered eggs and high fructose corn syrup are becoming a thing of the past in assisted living. Chef Khalid Iraqui explains his culinary approach and offers advice on what to look for as you visit the kitchens of senior living communities.

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"Eating nutritious foods can make a world of difference in a senior’s quality of life. "

Nutritious, Delicious: A Guide to Highgate's Dining Program

Find out what the food in assisted living is really like and discover why the heart of Highgate’s dining services philosophy is nutritious, delicious food.

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