Embracing Assisted Living

Explore the most common reasons families consider assisted living.

6 Signs It's Time to Start the Search for Assisted Living

If your family is in the beginning stages of discussing providing more support for an aging loved one, but aren’t sure if it’s time to consider a long-term care option like assisted living, this eBook covers the most common signs it’s time to take a closer look.

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When Is the Right Time to Start Looking for Assisted Living?

Discover when is the right time to start looking for assisted living in this informative blog post. Learn about warning signs, caregiving discussions, and the benefits of moving to assisted living earlier. 

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What to do When a Parent Needs Assisted Living Now

Learn why nearly 70% of Americans aged 65+ may need assistance, and discover essential tips for navigating long-term care decisions, including family caregiving and assisted living options. 

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Fortunately, you can observe a lot just by walking around the house — if you know where to look.

Infographic: Tell-tale Signs from Around the House that It Might Be Time for Mom and Dad to Move

If you have a feeling that your parents shouldn’t be living alone anymore but you’re afraid you’re leaping to conclusions, just take a careful trip around their house.

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Getting Started

Expert Advice for the Most Common Questions

What to Do When Living With Elderly Parents Doesn’t Work Out

Explore the challenges of living with an aging parent, the guilt that may come with it, and the importance of considering alternative care options. Learn how to approach difficult conversations and make decisions that prioritize everyone's well-being.

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Infographic: What Level of Care Should You Be Researching?

Discover the different levels of senior care and find the right option for you or your loved one. From independent living to memory care, learn which level of care suits your needs.

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6 Tips from Family Caregivers for Making the Assisted Living Decision

Learn from family caregivers who have made the assisted living decision for their elderly parents. Discover six valuable tips to help you navigate this important decision with your loved ones. 

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Video Series: How to determine the level of care you need

From independent living to assisted living to memory care for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, many levels of care are available to seniors. Hear a nurse's perspective.

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Navigating the world
of senior care options is
not an easy task.

The Complete Guide to Assisted Living for Seniors

Discover the ultimate guide to assisted living for seniors. Learn the differences between home care, assisted living, and nursing home care, as well as what you can generally expect in an assisted living community, and the answers to some requently asked questions.

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How to Have 'The Talk' with Your Loved One

Engaging in Compassionate Conversations About Care

How to Have 'The Talk' with an Aging Parent Checklist

Learn how to have "The Talk" with your aging parent about assisted living with this free checklist to help you navigate this emotional conversation and ensure their happiness and safety. 

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By having the conversation early, you provide your parent with an opportunity to be a part of the decision-making process.

Video Series: Having "The Talk" About Leaving Home

Deciding to make the move from the comfort and familiarity of home into an assisted living community can be difficult and emotionally charged. So how do you broach the subject with your loved one? These videos offer some expert advice and guidance.

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Searching for the Best Assisted Living Community

Exploring Your Options

How to Find the Best Assisted Living Community

No matter the reason, when your loved one decides they’re interested in making the move — or you’ve decided a change would be in their best interest — you want to help them find the best living community. Here's a guide to help. 

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What NOT to Do When Researching Assisted Living Communities

Choosing the right assisted living community for your loved one can be daunting. Avoid these five common mistakes to ensure you make an informed decision that meets your loved one's needs and budget. 

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4 Tips for Married Couples When Searching for Assisted Living

Learn 4 essential tips for married couples searching for assisted living together. Find out how to accommodate changing care needs, have a financial plan in place, and make the move before it's too late. 

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The Benefits of Assisted Living

A Closer Look at the Advantages of This Popular Senior Living Care Option.  

Infographic: Caregivers’ Quality of Life Improves When Loved One Moves to Assisted Living

There is strong evidence that a move to assisted living alleviates the stress that family caregivers feel. Here is a look at research that shows when seniors move to assisted living, caregivers benefit, too.

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“They really care about the individuals who are here. It shows in everything that they do."

-Michael | Resident, Highgate at Temecula

5 Reasons I Love Living in a Highgate Senior Living Community

Residents share their favorite things about living in a Highgate community and how it’s actually better than living at home.

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