Is your dad experiencing a decline in health after a major medical event like a stroke? Did your mom receive a memory loss diagnosis, and now you have concerns about her ability to keep driving long term? Has managing medications and maintaining the house become difficult for your parents? Are your parents just ready to enjoy the luxuries of senior living?

Overwhelmed by Choice Overload?

With many assisted living options available throughout the United States, the sheer amount of choices can seem overwhelming. We realize this is a big decision and hope that this guide can give you a glance into the team members, programs, and our unique approach to assisted living and memory care. 

It’s our passion that drives us to do all we can to change the lives of older adults for the better each and every day.

It’s About Finding the Best Fit

With more than 28,000 assisted living residences in the U.S., looking for the right one can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

“It is about finding the best fit, and finding the best fit starts with finding the community with the best ‘feel,” says Tiffany Van Heel, Marketing Coordinator for Highgate Senior Living. 

The key is to start your search early.

What You’ll Learn

This guide will cover everything you need to know, from when you should start looking and the best way to research options to traits the best assisted living communities share and questions to ask when touring. Chapters include:

  • When You Should Start Looking — and What to Do If You’re in a Hurry
  • The Best Way to Research the Options in Your Area
  • Questions to Ask During the Search Process
  • A Look into How Assisted Living Communities Are Regulated
  • Traits the Best Assisted Living Communities Share
How to Find the Best Assisted Living Communities

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