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About the Staff

  • Do you like your tour guide?
  • Do other team members acknowledge you? Do they strike up a conversation when appropriate?
  • Are they engaging with the residents?
  • How much training do team members have?
  • Is there specialized training if they care for someone with memory loss?
  • What’s the ratio of staff to residents?
  • How many staffers are on duty overnight?
  • What’s the staff turnover rate?

About Care

  • Is an initial assessment of needs conducted and a written care plan developed? Who’s involved in developing the care plan? How often are the needs reassessed?
  • What specific care is available from doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and others?
  • What additional services are available if the needs of your parent changes?
  • Are couples able to stay together even if they have different care needs?
  • At what point would your loved one have to consider a move somewhere else?

About the Community

  • How many living units are in the residence?
  • What types of apartments are available? Are the rooms large enough for your loved one’s needs?
  • Are there kitchens or kitchenettes?
  • Are there enough common areas, such as dens and living rooms?
  • Is the community pet-friendly?
  • Do they offer short-term respite stays so your loved one can give the community a try?

About Safety

  • Is the community locked at a certain time in the evening/night?
  • Do rooms and bathrooms have handrails and call buttons?
  • How does your parent call for help if they need something?
  • Are there security and fire safety systems?
  • Is there an emergency generator or alternate power source?
  • Are there any concerns about the neighborhood the community is in? If so, how are these addressed?

About Activities

  • Is there a posted, varied schedule of activities?
  • Are there activities that you think your loved one would participate in?
  • How often are off-site outings offered?
  • Are there any additional costs for certain activities?
  • How are residents reminded of daily activities?

About Food

  • Can the community cater to specific dietary needs or special requests?
  • Do the residents seem to like the food?
  • If you are visiting during a meal, is the aroma pleasant?
  • Is there a diverse menu offered?

About Cost

  • What is the monthly cost per apartment type?
  • Are all services included in the monthly fee? If not, what and how much are additional services?
  • Are transportation services provided? Is there a parking fee for residents?
  • Is care priced separately? If so, how is it priced?

About the Contract

  • Under what conditions would a resident have to leave the residence?
  • Is a contract available that details fees, services, and admission and discharge policies?

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