Regular physical activity can bring significant health benefits to people of all ages, and the need for physical activity does not decrease the older you get. But for individuals with memory loss, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay active.

Most often what prevents families from implementing an activity program at home is lack of guidance about what exercises are appropriate for their loved one or fear that physical activity will result in an injury or cause pain.

As a caregiver, it is important to focus on what your loved one can do, even when the memory loss is more advanced.

Using the Physical Activity Planner

Creating a daily routine can be helpful for both you and your loved one. This Physical Activity Planner will help you spend less time trying to figure out what to do and more time on activities that will improve your loved one’s overall well-being.

This Physical Activity Planner tip sheet will share helpful information with you, such as:

  • The benefits of physical activity
  • How to safely increase physical activity for people with memory loss
  • Types of physical activities (aerobic, resistance, and balance activity)
  • Creative ways to incorporate physical activity with a loved one
  • What to consider when making a plan
  • Possible daily activities

This tip sheet also includes two tools:

  1. Physical Activity Planner
  2. Daily Activity Journal
Physical Activity Planner for Memory Loss

Keep in mind that as the memory loss progresses over time, your daily activity plan will need to be flexible. But with some creativity and patience, you can create a variety of activities to keep your loved one moving.

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