Tired of nagging your parents about bathing or changing their clothes regularly?

Health and Hygiene

Health and hygiene go hand in hand. For older adults, proper hygiene is even more important to their holistic health because of the gradual decrease in immune function that comes with age.

The issue of once healthy and strong adults lacking grooming and personal hygiene is far more common than you may think. Your parent might get dizzy when they get up too quickly and might benefit from someone nearby when bathing. Or they might feel unsafe while getting in and out of the shower.

But pride or fear of embarrassment might stand in their way of asking for help. Relying on others to help with personal care can feel invasive and even humiliating for many seniors.

Using the Personal Hygiene Checklist

If a loved one isn’t taking proper care of themselves, there could be many reasons why. It is critical that you first understand why your loved one is not bathing or changing their clothes regularly.

This Personal Hygiene Checklist will help you identify what the difficulties are for your loved one and adjust the way you talk about and approach bathing and hygiene.

Common challenges that are addressed include:

  • Fear and discomfort
  • Dulling senses
  • Boredom
  • Depression
  • Memory loss or other cognitive impairment

With a few simple changes to your approach, you can show respect and protect your loved one’s dignity while also helping them maintain their personal hygiene.

Personal Hygiene Checklist

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