No long-term relationship stays exactly the same over the years. As couples navigate through the ups and downs of life together, they grow and evolve. As children become adult children, the relationship with parents often changes, too.  Especially when you’ve become the caregiver for a spouse or parent.

Meet the New Normal

Caregivers often take on this new role out of love and with good intentions. A crisis or drastic change in a loved one’s health can leave little time to allow caregivers to think about the effects of this new role. Not only can this change your relationship with your spouse or parent, but it also often changes relationships with your own children, your partner, or your career.

Trying to navigate caregiving responsibilities, while juggling a career and the needs of your own children or spouse, can leave little time to take care of your own basic needs. Exhaustion or feelings of being overwhelmed can cause strain between you and your loved one. One sacrifice leads to another, and before you know it, caregiver burnout sets in.

Whether you’ve experienced caregiver burnout before or want to prevent it entirely, the good news is you’ve come to the right place for insight on navigating your relationship with a parent or spouse while caregiving, as well as after.

Understand Your Options

Relationships will inevitably change once you decide to be a caregiver. Understanding the changes that will occur — as well as your options as caregiving needs increase — can ensure that you and your loved one both have the support you need.

In this guide, you will learn about:

  • What caregivers sacrifice to fulfill their role
  • Ambiguous loss and how to live with it
  • How caregiving changes relationships
  • Tips for creating meaningful and positive caregiving relationships
  • How Highgate Senior Living can help
Navigating the Caregiver Relationship

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