Moving to a senior living community is a big step for all aging adults, but it can be particularly difficult for elderly men. In Moving Dad, you’ll read one adult daughter’s experiences with caregiving and her father’s move to senior living, based on true stories from Highgate residents and their families.

King of His Crumbling Castle

My dad has always been the man of the house. He still is. Only now, the house is empty. Which wasn’t so bad until he stopped driving. Then he was isolated and reliant on others in a whole new way — and my dad did not like that.

Men are conditioned to be strong, in control, and independent. Dad was so resistant to receiving, let alone asking, for help. To be frank, he was kind of grumpy. It seemed like no matter what I did I couldn’t keep up.

Talking to Dad About Senior Living

Considering that most of my dad’s friends wanted to stay in their home as they age, I wasn’t surprised that bringing up assisted living immediately put him on the defensive. His desire to remain self-sufficient, coupled with his discomfort around receiving help with care, really prevented him from seeing it as a viable option for quite some time.

I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t just my decision to make. As much as I could, I focused our conversations on my dad’s wishes, needs, and best interests. Whenever I see articles about the “assisted living talk,” I always chuckle. My dad and I must have had a dozen conversations about assisted living before he even agreed to go on his first tour. Each one was worth it.

Assisted living turned out to be the very best option for everyone involved, especially my dad.

Based on a True Story

In this eBook, you’ll get a first-person perspective on finding a place for Dad. It dives deep into: 

  • Navigating changing relationships
  • Working through assisted living objections
  • Making the move to a community
Moving Dad

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