Do you know where your dad’s birth certificate is or where your mom keeps her long-term care insurance policy information? Planning ahead in case of a medical crisis can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

Organizing for the Unexpected

Knowing where official records are located as well as having copies of important legal and financial documents can make your job as a caregiver a lot easier.

Take Martha, for instance, who lost her husband, Bob, suddenly. Not only is Martha grieving, but she is also overwhelmed with managing the family’s money. Bob had always taken care of the bills and insurance, and Martha has no clue where he kept important documents or what bills needed to be paid.

Mark, on the other hand, had a conversation with his daughter, Cynthia, last year about what she should do in case he had a medical emergency. When Mark fell in the bathroom and broke his hip, Cynthia was able to pay his bills and handle his Medicare questions right away because she knew where all his important documents were and who to contact.

Using the Document Locator

This Legal & Financial Document Locator is intended to be a helpful tool for use at home to organize your loved one’s legal and financial records. Download it, print it, and fill it out. There are numerous blank spaces provided so you can personalize your list. 

Once completed, provide copies to a few trusted family members as well as your loved one’s lawyer and their power of attorney to have in case of an emergency. By keeping all the most important medical, legal, and financial details in one place, you and your loved one won’t have to scramble to find it or remember it during a crisis.

Legal & Financial Document Locator Checklist

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