In little more than a decade, the number of assisted living communities across the United States has nearly tripled. Today, there are more than 28,000, and each offers its own unique care, recreation, and dining programs. The sheer volume of choices can make the thought of researching assisted living daunting and leave you unsure of where to start.

Start Your Search Early

You wouldn’t start the college search the last semester of your senior year of high school, so why wait until there’s a crisis to start researching assisted living communities?

Whether your loved one has decided that they’re interested in making a move or you’ve decided a change would be in their best interest, starting your search sooner rather than later allows them to play an active role in where they will live.

Find a Community You Love

If you’ve ever participated in a college search, either for yourself or a younger loved one, you might notice that some of the steps to finding the best assisted living community are similar: Do some reflection. Prioritize what’s important. Find guidance. Visit campus.

And just like finding the right school isn’t just a question of SATs, GPAs, and college rankings, finding the best assisted living community isn’t just about staff-to-resident ratios, monthly fees, and proximity of location.

Checklist for How to Research Assisted Living Communities

With the right support, information, and knowledge of how families find the best assisted living communities, you can find the best fit for you and your family. Use this checklist make a decision you and your loved one are confident in. You’ll learn:

  • Who to talk to and what to ask
  • Tips for researching your options online
  • Questions to ask on the phone and on tours
How to Research Assisted Living Communities

Download it, print it out, and use these tips to find the assisted living community that your loved one can call home.

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