Convincing yourself it’s time to pursue assisted living for a parent can be extremely difficult. But, convincing a parent? Sometimes nearly impossible.

But, what if you knew for certain that your parent’s life would be better? What if you knew the assisted living community would truly be a place where your parent would thrive, not just physically, but emotionally and socially, too?

Highgate Senior Living may very well be that place.

Our families experience peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are taken care of, gaining their independence back and changing their lives for the better. They tell us – all the time – just how happy they are with their decision to move their loved ones into a Highgate Senior Living Community.

“Highgate has truly provided excellent support and resources for us and our dad. They’ve done such a great job caring for mom and providing extra support for our dad, as needed. We feel a personal connection with the team members at Highgate. We’re just so grateful for them.” — Cindy, residents Fred and Penny’s daughter

“She has developed a lovely group of tight-knit friends. They will chat and laugh through meals and often carry on beyond the meal itself. Dining is now an ‘experience’ that she shares in the warm company of others, rather than sitting at the table by herself over a small meal.” —Jacque, resident Marjorie’s daughter

What You'll Learn

In this eBook, you’ll learn about how the programs at Highgate are designed to help each resident live their life to the fullest, including:

  • Couples Care, a program for keeping Mom and Dad together
  • Nutritious, delicious food made from scratch by a five-star chef
  • Person-centered, holistic care that empowers residents to reinvent themselves with a variety of activities

“Moving to Highgate has been a complete blessing for my mom. Mandy with Community Relations, Lori at the front desk and the care partners who are always person-centered, everyone has just been simply wonderful. The care partners do a great job of redirecting mom’s behavior with kind words and encouragement rather than getting angry. The moment you walk into the building, you just get a sense of community.” — Kim, resident Eloise’s daughter

How Highgate Senior Living Changed My Parent's Life

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