Whether you live down the road or across the country, there’s no place like Mom and Dad’s home for the holidays. When you visit your aging parents, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy one another’s company — and take inventory of how well they’re really doing.

Why a Phone Call Isn't Enough

The phone can be a great tool for connecting with your parents and showing them that you love and support them, and you may be able to gauge a little about your parents’ well-being just by talking with them.

But chances are that your mom isn’t going to come right out and say that she’s afraid to drive at night and your dad isn’t going to divulge that keeping up with the yard work is a struggle.

That’s why it’s important to visit as often as you can. There is no substitute for having a look yourself, especially when your loved one might be hesitant to admit something is wrong.


How to Take Advantage of Your Holiday Visit

The holidays are a great time to check for signs that your parents are still doing well or that they’re starting to need help.

But keep your detective work under the radar. You don’t want to risk putting your parents on the defensive or getting distracted from why you’re there: to spend time with your parents and enjoy being together.

In between family dinners and holiday traditions, your main goal is to discreetly observe and take notes. Once you have a better understanding of the whole picture, you can start important conversations about the future.


Home for the Holidays Checklist

The Checklist for Visiting Aging Parents

This comprehensive checklist has over 40 questions to ask yourself about your parent’s health, mobility, home, safety, finances, and support system.

Download it, print it out, and take it with you on your visit so you can keep notes, get answers to important questions, and uncover possible signs that support or help is needed.


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