Stress is a normal part of the moving process for anyone, so imagine what it’s like moving an aging loved one into assisted living. Even if your parent or family member is well-versed in the benefits of assisted living and has come to the decision to make the transition themselves, moving to assisted living is fraught with emotion. Just ask Shelia and Rick, two adult children who helped their aging parent make the move to Highgate Senior Living.

Moving is Hard

There are many reasons why moving a parent, even a willing one, can be challenging:

  • Perhaps your loved one is mourning the loss of their younger years or the home they lived in for decades.
  • Maybe they are scared about aging, making new friends, or finding their way in a new place.
  • You may be mourning all of those things, too.
  • Perhaps you’re second-guessing or feeling guilty about your decision.

The good news? All of these feelings are normal, and they do not last forever.

You Can Make a Successful Transition

For Shelia and Rick, staying focused on the reasons their families made the decision to move to Highgate Senior Living — safety, health, security, sanity — and keeping the big picture in mind helped them through the rough patches. 

When the caregivers needed help, they relied on the Highgate Senior Living team members to help their parent feel more engaged, build social connections, and maintain a vital sense of self by participating in the community. Highgate has helped many seniors make the transition into assisted living, and team members are happy to give tours, answer questions, and reassure new residents that they are committed to providing a warm, engaging place to live.


What You’ll Learn

In this eBook, you’ll read about:

  • The importance of establishing exactly where your loved one is headed before you start downsizing the family home
  • How you can partner with the assisted living team members to help your aging loved one transition with success
  • Tips for making your loved one’s new space feel like home
  • The team members who will be there on move-in day at a Highgate Senior Living community to make sure everything goes smoothly and your loved one feels welcomed
  • Ways you can help your parents adjust to assisted living — and how Highgate Senior Living helps families adjust, too
  • Why partnering with specialists can sometimes make all the difference
Guide to Making the Move to Highgate Senior Living

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