Lisa was living in Mississippi when she got a call from her younger sister Ruth in Montana: Something was not quite right with Mom and Dad. 

Mom, Beverly, was a nurse, so Lisa and her sister Ruth were not nervous about asking their parents about money and end-of-life matters, such as who they wanted to be their health care and financial power of attorneys.

“We grew up always talking about that kind of stuff,” Lisa says.

Entering New Territory

What Lisa and her siblings — she also has younger siblings in Virginia and Oregon — did not grow up talking about were the emotions (mainly guilt) that are bound to surface when you care for your aging parents, the true cost of caregiving, and what to do when that burden becomes too much to bear.

“I wish I had talked to someone who had been through this,” Lisa says.

Sharing Words of Wisdom

That is why Lisa is sharing her family’s story.

“If you’re a family caregiver making long-term care decisions for a loved one, talk to someone who has done it,” she says. “We have no regrets about moving Dad to Highgate Senior Living. I can say I have no guilt about that decision, either. Now, I can just be the daughter again, not the caregiver.”

Feeling Good Again

In this eBook, you’ll read about:

  • How Lisa and her sister became family caregivers for their mom and dad
  • How she went from feeling guilt to gratitude
  • How Highgate Senior Living helped her family feel good again

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