Moving to a new place, like an assisted living community, is life changing. It’s a new opportunity to pursue your passions, make new friends, and live a healthy, active lifestyle — a lifestyle that many aren’t able to live at home.

Overwhelmed by Choice Overload?

With many assisted living options available throughout the United States, the sheer amount of choices can seem overwhelming. We realize this is a big decision and hope that this guide can give you a glance into the team members, programs, and our unique approach to assisted living and memory care. 

It’s our passion that drives us to do all we can to change the lives of older adults for the better each and every day.

Why Choose Highgate Senior Living?

The reasons to choose Highgate Senior Living are as varied and individual as the residents who live here:

  • Our commitment to create a personalized care program for each resident
  • Our mouthwatering, made-from-scratch meals
  • Our holistic approach to senior care
  • Our commitment to creating a purposeful life filled with meaning and joy
  • Our programs are designed so each resident can live each day to the fullest

What You'll Learn

In this guide, you’ll learn about care options, including Couples Care; Highgate's unique holistic approach; dining services and offerings; and Highgate’s mission to create a life of purpose. Chapters include:

  • Full Care for All
  • Nutritious, Delicious Food
  • Unique Holistic Approach
  • Purposeful Living 

Whether it’s a specialized meal at breakfast, a soothing massage to help ease anxiety, or a hot air balloon ride, we do everything in our power to help our residents make the most of every day. Some elderly adults may believe that they’re losing their independence moving to an assisted living or memory care community. They’re really gaining more freedom and beginning to understand that living at Highgate is a better experience than living at home.

Each Day to the Fullest

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