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Helpful Tools for Gathering Medical Information & Pre-Planning for Emergency Medical Care

Health Information Trackers

Preparing for an upcoming doctor’s appointment with an aging parent? These trackers help you keep track of health concerns or medical changes you may have. 

Our collection of trackers include: Changes in Health Tracker; Symptom Tracker; Weight Tracker; Physical Activity Tracker; Blood Pressure Tracker; Blood Sugar Tracker; and Sleep Tracker.

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7 Pieces of Health Information Your Parent Should Be Monitoring

Discover the 7 key health information your parent should be monitoring for optimal well-being. Learn how tracking these measures can lead to early detection and improved health outcomes. 

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5 Things Caregivers Can Do Now to Prepare for a Medical Emergency

Get prepared for a medical emergency with these 5 essential tips for caregivers. From regular check-ins to medical alert systems, be ready for any situation.

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Emergency Medical Information Worksheet

Keep your loved one's medical information organized and readily available with our Emergency Medical Information Worksheet. Be prepared for emergencies and ensure prompt care with this easy-to-use resource. Download it today and stay prepared for any situation.

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Fall Prevention Tools and Tips

Keeping Your Loved One Safe at Home

"Every 11 seconds an older adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall."

-National Council on Aging

Checklist: A Holistic Approach to Fall Prevention

Learn how to prevent falls and keep your loved ones safe at home with our holistic approach to fall prevention. Download our free checklist today and take action to address the physical, mental, and emotional factors that contribute to falls. Stay active, independent, and worry-free!

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Resources for Medical Appointments & Hospital Stays

What You Need to Know

Checklist: Questions You Should Ask Your Parent's Doctor

If your parent is getting older and has begun to develop chronic medical problems, here are questions you can ask in their doctors’ appointments. Be their advocate and prioritize your concerns to ensure the best possible care.

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Developing a Plan for Hospital Discharge of an Aging Parent

Learn how to develop a plan for the hospital discharge of an aging parent. Find out what to expect and how to ensure a smooth transition back home. 

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4 Tips for Postsurgical Recovery at Home

Tips for a smoother and safer recovery at home after surgery for your aging loved one. Learn how to prepare the home, assist with transfers, support mental health, and plan for the future. 

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Medication Management

Tips for Caregivers

5 Common Medication-Related Problems and How to Avoid Them

Learn how to prevent common medication-related problems in seniors. Discover the risks of polypharmacy, unnecessary medications, incorrect doses, adverse drug reactions, and lack of adherence. 

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Managing a parent’s medications can be a stressful task, whether or not your parent has dementia.

5 Tips for Family Caregivers Managing Medications for a Parent with Dementia

Discover helpful tips for family caregivers managing medications for a parent with dementia. Learn how to navigate medication management challenges and ensure your loved one's safety. 

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Dealing with Diagnoses

How to Help Your Loved One as Their Caregiver

What Caregivers Need to Know About Blood Pressure Guidelines for Seniors

Hypertension is generally considered a silent killer because most people with high blood pressure do not have any symptoms. That’s why education is so important.

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What Family Caregivers Should Know About Strokes

 Find out how to identify a stroke and the importance of early intervention.

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What To Do If You Have Prediabetes

Making these changes in your diet or activity level can help prevent or delay developing type 2 diabetes. Discover the importance of healthy eating, physical activity, and the support provided by assisted living communities.

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