Navigating Multi-Generational Living

Expert Advice & Practical Tips for Families with an Aging Loved One Who Needs Care

Is Cohabiting with an Aging Parent Right for Your Family?

Discover how to approach the delicate subject of cohabitating with an aging parent without hurting their feelings or compromising your own well-being. Learn why it's okay to consider alternatives and how to communicate your concerns honestly. Explore other care options and find the best solution for your loved one's needs and your family's dynamics.

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6 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before You Move in Together

Considering moving in with your aging parent? Before making the decision, ask these important questions to ensure a smooth transition and a harmonious living arrangement.

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5 Steps to Take Before Your Aging Parent Moves In

Discover the steps to take before welcoming your aging parent into your home. From setting boundaries to discussing finances, learn how to coexist happily in a multigenerational household. 

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“It’s important that children try and listen and put themselves in that place instead of on the outside,”
-Wanda, a resident at Highgate at Vancouver.

Advice From Your Aging Parents

As an adult child caring for an aging parent, you simply want what’s best for them. Here are five tips from aging parents at Highgate at Vancouver that will ensure you are acting on their wishes when crisis strikes.

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Why Hold a Family Meeting & How to Do It Peacefully

Learn why holding regular family meetings is crucial for working cooperatively as a family when caring for an aging loved one. Discover helpful tips on how to initiate meetings, create an agenda, communicate effectively, and recognize strengths. Improve family dynamics and ensure the best care for your loved one.

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Slideshow: A Step-by-Step Guide to Having a Successful Family Meeting

No one wants to sit in a meeting where participants are unprepared, people veer off-track, and the topics discussed are a waste of time. An effective agenda sets clear expectations for what needs to occur before and during a meeting. Here is a look at what a family meeting agenda might include.

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9 Tips for Making Important Health Care Decisions with Aging Parents and Siblings

Learn how to navigate complex family dynamics and make important health care decisions with aging parents and siblings. Discover nine tips based on research to help you through this process and ensure the well-being of your loved ones.

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5 Ways to Work Better Together with Siblings

Discover five effective ways to work better together with your siblings when caring for an aging parent. Foster positive communication and support to strengthen your relationship and provide the best care possible.

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Solving the Sibling Puzzle

Building Stronger Bonds & Crafting a Compassionate Care Plans through Conversation

“We all have different strengths. Try to recognize that and allow people to contribute in different ways."

-Robin Grant, National Consumer Voice for Long-Term Care

The Family Meeting: 5 Potential Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Meetings can be excruciating. From people showing up late to the host forgetting to create an agenda, meetings can feel like a waste of time. Family meetings are no different. Here are five potential challenges when it comes to planning and hosting a family meeting and ways to overcome them. 

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Slideshow: The 11-Step Problem-Solving Process for Families

Family tension erupts because your family has not had to deal before with the practical, emotional, and financial issues that come with caregiving. This problem-solving process can help your family work, analyze, and address any problem. 

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Common Causes of Family Tensions and Disagreements

To avoid blowouts, it is helpful to recognize common disagreements that may occur so you can keep the focus where it belongs — on your loved one’s care.

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5 Professionals Who Can Help When Your Family Hits Trouble Spots

Discover five professionals who can provide valuable help when your family faces challenging situations. From healthcare providers to elder mediators, these experts can assist with complex emotions and family dynamics.

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Navigating Conversations with Compassion

How to Talk to Aging Parents

What to Do When Your Aging Parent Doesn’t Want Your Help

Role reversal with an aging parent, whether gradually over time, or suddenly because of a change in a parent’s health, is never an easy shift. Here are some ways to make the conversation easier.

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Supporting a parent as they age requires patience, open communication, and a mutual respect for each other.

Parenting the Parent

While the signs of needing help might seem crystal clear, aging parents can be stubborn, especially if they’re resistant to you “parenting the parent”. Here are some common challenges and solutions when supporting aging parents. 

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