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About the Future

  • When do you want to retire?
  • If you are unable to care for yourself at home, where would you prefer to live?
  • What do you want your end-of-life care look like?

About Finances

  • What are your current sources of income?
  • Do you have any health or long-term care insurance?
  • Do you have an authorized user on your bank and investment accounts?
  • Do you have a trusted advisor or attorney?

About Powers of Attorney

  • Do you have a will or a trust?
  • Do you have a living will (also known as an advance directive)?
  • Do you have a financial power of attorney?
  • Do you have a health care power of attorney (also known as a health care proxy or health care agent)?
  • Are your powers of attorney durable or springing?

About Legal Documents

  • Have you signed a HIPPA release form?
  • Where can I find your legal documents if I need them?
  • Are your documents current and up-to-date?

A Glossary of Terms

  • Is there a posted, varied schedule of activities?
  • Are there activities that you think your loved one would participate in?
  • How often are off-site outings offered?
  • Are there any additional costs for certain activities?
  • How are residents reminded of daily activities?

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